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Album of remixes and versions + one new single.  Out 17/04/20.

London electronic deviant-pop duo flies+flies present Blue Movies,​ a collection of original tracks and versions inspired by their residency at the No One’s Watching club night. One of the defining features of their sets at NOW was that they were set to a backdrop of found CCTV footage collected from feeds across the world. These deeply voyeuristic views of laundrettes in France, taco kitchens in Spain and stacked offices lined with Korean computer gamers framed the event series and inspired the title of this release.

Curated by flies+flies member Jake Williams with DJ PLS, NOW hosted a vital mix of live music and DJs at the intersection of avant-pop, DIY electronics and weird club music including Loraine James, Lia Mice, Lol K, Pangaea, TTB and DEBONAIR. The night kicked off at The Cause in June 2018 and then ran bi-monthly from September 18 to May 2019 at the East London non-profit art space SET, described by an attendee as ‘a cross between a working man’s club and the Twin Peaks Red Lodge’.

As the resulting music attests to, No One’s Watching was a powerful creative incubator for the band and the influence is heard strongly throughout the album’s material. Colour Blue ​​is one of three original tracks recorded by flies+flies during the residency. The sonic atmosphere recalls Japan whilst syncopated 808s and heavy basslines maraud underneath. Vocalist Dan’s lyrics tell a story of an unrequited desire, typically jumping around in timeframe and character-perspective.