flies+flies create their own deviant take on pop music –  Dan Griffis’ strange, ghostly ballads find themselves pulled into otherworldly, sound system-ready electronic terrains created by producer and experimental DJ Jake Williams.

flies+flies are obsessed with soundtracking ‘empty’ internet transmissions, especially unsecured security cameras from around the world that are disturbingly easily accessible.  Often providing a backdrop for their live shows, these scenes mirror the music –  simultaneously bleak and playful – the empty spaces offering the possibility for wondrous happenings seen only by those lucky enough to catch them.  They have played headline shows for Parallel Lines and Soundcrash, performed at the Wire-curated Drill Festival (with Vessels, Grumbling Fur, Savages, Young Fathers etc) and curated bi-monthly No One’s Watching club night at Dalston art-space SET.  NOW has been a vibrant developmental space and saw them play with a diverse selection of burgeoning artists including Loraine James, Lia Mice, Curl Recordings’ Lol K and Pangaea.

flies+flies release Threads on 12 July, the second in a series of singles across 2019 which are the first new releases since their 2017 debut album Spring.  This new work was written on residency in London and represents a key shifting point in their recent live sets where the beats switch from a subtly building acid shuffle into a much heavier and stranger place.  Over the top fly Dan Griffiths’ vocals with lyrics in full weird-ballad mode, narrating strange tails left for the listener to decipher. 

“Suffocating, disquieting and claustrophobic – yet, somehow, completely irresistible” BBC 6 FRESH ON THE NET

“Resoundingly contemporary ” CRACK

“Artful without succumbing to pretence…intelligent but without excluding the directness emotion can offer ” CLASH

“sounds like Jeff Buckley taking a wrong turn into a Mute-flavoured analogue-electrophonic dystopia.” MISFIT CITY

“Making the apocalypse sound fun”  ELECTRONIC SOUND

“bursting with big ideas, genuinely refreshing and new takes” GOD IS IN THE TV