No One's Watching

New event series, installation and party.

Saturday @ 9:00 pm

London, UK

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Venue Info

Ashley House Depot, Ashley Rd,
London N17 9LZ

Party in the panopticon

No One’s Watching is a new event series that joins up some of the threads that have made UK’s underground so arresting in recent years – bringing together bands, DJs, art and performance, with a music policy at the intersection of experimental guitar-adjacent music, weird electronics and dirty bass. The evenings will feature alternative / electronic bands and live acts and installations, going into a straight-up rave with our favourite cutting-edge club DJs.

The live performances will take place inside an installation called No One’s Watching which plays with online and offline surveillance, and the idea of reclaiming overseen space. The installation utilises footage from unsecured security cameras freely available on the internet which are streamed into the performance space, and simultaneously filmed and recast, creating infinite loops.